We want to hear your opinions of The Climate News Network, and will publish a selection of them here. But we are a very small team and cannot promise to reply to any. And we will not bother with any which we judge to be frivolous or abusive.

18 January – Congratulations on your website and the idea that has brought it into existence. I am not a journalist, although I have worked in the media, but I do want to keep abreast of news about climate change and this will help enormously. I find it shocking that editors have let the topic slide off not just the front page, but often any page. Wilful blindness. As for politicians, they seem to find it hard to plan for next week leave alone the next generation.  Boyle Roche, 18th century baronet, is reported to have said in the House of Commons, “Why should we put ourselves out of our way to do anything for posterity, for what has posterity ever done for us?” So good luck with this venture! – Viv, UK

5 March – What you are doing is delivering knowledge from trusted sources – hugely more useful than just info or data from any old where.  What you are doing is the future of knowledge management. – Sara Parkin, Founder Director, Forum for the Future

4 July – I am astounded by the richness and depth of information freely circulated on the internet. It is wonderfully disruptive to old news media.  Please know that you do important work that is forwarded widely. – Richard, USA