Who is the Climate News Network’s intended audience?

Everyone. We aim chiefly to help scientists and journalists to report the vital facts of climate change, which is already affecting millions of people worldwide and will before long have an impact on all our lives. But most of the site is open to all.

How much does it cost to use it?

Nothing. All use of material on this site is free of charge, although we’d like it if you can credit the Climate News Network whenever possible.

Who runs the Climate News Network?

Four journalists with nearly a century of experience between us in reporting climate change: Paul Brown, former environment correspondent of the London Guardian; Kieran Cooke, a former BBC and Financial Times correspondent in Ireland and Southeast Asia; Alex Kirby, a former BBC environment correspondent; and Tim Radford, the Guardian’s ex-science editor.

How is the Climate News Network paid for?

See the note at the foot of the Home page for details of our funders.